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Learning Approach with Playback
ExamMate is interactive, with the ability to learn from past questions. We also provide you with the ability to pause, rewind and fast-forward any lesson.
 We do not only provide solutions to all the questions, we have also explained them. With over 5000 voice over explanations, we are able to break down the solution steps for better understanding.
 Why cant you have it all? To better prepare you for your examination, we have also provided a simulated test environment where you can get tested within a time limit, get results instantly, and review solutions all in one software..
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Learning Interactivity

ExamMate 1.0 is the first ever engaging and interactive way to learn using Past Questions, with over 5000 voice over lessons and interaction. ExamMate 1.0 was developed through a unique process of above a million key strokes and over 20000 layers of Slither to generate every element that makes up the entire content. .

The process of creating, proof-reading, reconstructing and teaching each question makes ExamMate unique from the rest.



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This material was written and developed by HOT EYE Global with endorsement from Ministry of Education.

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